About Us

IMMO Daisy understands how frustrating it can be to receive lackluster customer service. We are cheerful and truly care about making you happy. Hopefully you will tell your family and friends about our company.

To qualify for wholesale pricing, we simply need a copy of your business license or tax id. Once this is provided you will be cleared to place your first order. The minimum purchase for wholesale orders is $200. This does not include shipping fees. If your order is under $200, you can call in to place the order and will be charged a $10 fee. Not offered to first time customers.Please note that no more than two consecutive orders may be placed under minimum.

Are you having trouble finding a candy on our web site? We will try to locate it for you! We will even send you to a competitor if we are unable to secure the candy you need. We have 20 years of combined experience in the candy industry and want to share our knowledge with you.