Healthy Snack Distributors

In recent times, a health revolution has moved through the world, and people are redefining how and what they eat. Snacks are not left out of these. As more research is carried out and the harmful effect of some of the ingredients used to make snacks or preserved them are revealed, people and companies have to readjust and look for healthier options.

A healthy snack is a term that refers to snack foods that have high level of vitamins, low levels of unsaturated fats, sugar, and sodium. Health bodies are recommending healthier snacks, instead of the regular ones we have gotten used to overtime. Some examples of healthy snacks include hard-boiled eggs, fruits, and vegetables, nuts and seeds, etc.

Because healthy snacks are not the same as your regular snacks, they require an added level of attention in their distribution. Healthy snack distributors are those in the distribution chains that transport and transfer these snacks from the farm or where they are produced to the stores or shops where they can be gotten.

Healthy snack distributors can be distributors anywhere along the distribution chain. They can be wholesalers, retailers, or mid-chain distributors.

Some example of healthy snacks distributors include:

Mister Snacks: Mister Snacks is a certified distributor of a different variety of snack items. Apart from being distributors, Mister Snacks have their production line for snacks, and this forms a major part of their wholesale products. Among their snack options are nuts and dried fruits, as well as, other snacks and food items that can go alongside.

Mister snacks also deal with healthy snacks, and they are one of the biggest companies that distribute healthy snacks. They equally have snacks targeted at people with special diets needs, making them very cherished among retailers and consumers alike. Mister snacks provide a healthy alternative to regular snacks like chips, candy, and junk food.

United Natural Foods: United natural foods, abbreviated as UNFI, was founded in 1996 and are the largest distributors of natural products. Over time, united natural foods have acquired different natural food and snack distribution companies, making them the largest food distributors.

Most healthy snacks are natural food items like nuts, fruits, and vegetables; they have multiple uses. These natural food items are the main focus of united natural foods. Some of the natural food distribution companies that have been acquired under United Natural Foods include Supervalu and Haddon house.

Good Health Natural Food Inc: Good Health Natural Food Inc. is both a producer and distributor of healthy snacks. They are a specialty distributor, and their most famous product is the potato chips fried with Avocado oil, the very first. In addition to their production, they supply healthy snacks to stores around the US.

Good Health Natural Food Inc. has developed a reputation for healthy living, and this drives its innovation process.

Finding healthy snack distributors can be a bother, but in a changing world, they are an essential part of your store supplies.